Organic Flaxseed Eye Pillow

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Pampered yourself with this luxurious eye pillow, cool down and sleep soundly by chilling the mask or pillow after a long day at work, before going to bed or warm it up for sinus headache relief.

Let this weighted eye pillow rests over your eyes , exerting gentle pressure calming your eyes, body and soul with the combination of organic flaxseeds and Lavender fragrance. Lavender will help reducing stress, whereas the Flaxseeds will revitalize your soul and promote relaxation.

Our eye pillow mask is extremely easy to use and carry along. Ideal for travel and long car trips, after Yoga, Pilates or meditation, perfect for napping and resting your eyes. Have a relaxing break at the office and feel rejuvenated again. This eye mask is microwavable and freezable for better and long lasting results.

Heat up in microwave for 30-45 seconds for heat therapy or keep in a ziplock bag in freezer for cold therapy.

Measurement: 8cm x 27cm x1.5cm (Pure handmade. Pls do appreciate wabi sabi product nature)

Materials: Made of Japan cotton beautiful fabric, organic Lavender buds and organic flaxseeds.

contact/WhatsApp  +65 9829 8117 for further customisation.