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What and why “Loven Hearts”? 

“En” means “grace” or “grateful” in Chinese. “Loven” is the combination of “Love” & “En”

“Loven Hearts” is the expression love & gratefulness to our loved ones, the Creator of our beautiful well being and this wonderful Mother Nature.

Loven Hearts express these feelings via the 3 series of products,:

StorkBaby - has a curated selection of products that are both safe and effective for speeding up recovery and easing discomfort for all new mummies. Our bundle gift sets are created to help heal and ease their pain. By gifting one of our bundles to a new mother, she will have the ability to feel more confident in her recovery and can begin her beautiful journey in motherhood.

LovinGaia - We can do our part in delaying the global warming by just simply switching the used of “modern convenience” disposal products to more eco friendly & reusable products. Every little effort counts.

EssentialCare - Self care products or products for us to care for our loved ones.

WE CARE TO CARE - for our loved ones and our green planet, created specially for us all !!